Italy's, diego sechi is among the world's, top fitness models. His combination of good, looks and amazing physique are in demand with photographers sponsors and fans all over the world. His looks are his fortune.

His body is a business which earns him thousands of dollars through sponsorship, competition prizes and photo shoots across the globe, but his physique didn't just appear overnight. It was built through years of highly targeted training working in every bit of my physique to make it perfect.

So now it's time to reveal how the world's, hottest fitness model built the perfect body and one of the most successful brands in fitness. The story starts in northern italy as a teenager. Diego is a champion wrestler who lifts weights to make himself stronger for his sport heavy weights, compound movements all about strength when he notices his shape is changing.

He enters a teen bodybuilding competition. Success makes him decide to take the gym more seriously, with a focus on the classic shape, the v-tapered back, the shredded six-pack age. 21. Diego enters a fitness competition, it's different to bodybuilding.

This is about aesthetics, a more commercial look, but no win more work is needed. Legs are key to creating an eye-catching, fully balanced body. Heavy weights on machines help build size at the same time, working on the detail.

By focusing on contraction, the mind muscle connection, training for aesthetics is showing results and diego is ready for the big league, the wbff european championships, a win. I'm, so excited for what happened.

You know for the all the hard work and diet and in the entire process i did as european champion diego's. Social media explodes he's. Suddenly, in demand with the world's best photographers flown around the globe.

To create images that build even more of a following, but for his training a new challenge, the call for photo shoots can come at any time. He needs to be camera ready all year round, so no off season bulking.

Instead, a new strategy lean gains every gym session now includes at least 20 minutes of cardio. I'm doing cardio around five to six times a week in the morning. Fasting staying shredded, while building muscle training is all about the detail, broad shoulders, big legs, that kind of X Man total.

Look that to me is the perfect shape. Photographers love, the look fans love it too, and sponsorship offers flood in his body is now a business, but the industry is highly competitive. time to stand out from the crowd this time on the world stage.

Wbff world championships taking on the best of the best, but his shredded look doesn't just come from hard work in the gym. I studied at king's college london for bsc in nutrition. King's. College is one of the best university in the world.

The underlying knowledge of nutrition helps him deliver perfect conditioning on stage setting him apart competing and photo shoots, create more exposure than ever, and he's. Turning fans into customers with online training, representing brands and building further expertise in the all-important area of nutrition.

Today, diego is modeling all over the world, but he's, still gaining knowledge to achieve his goals and using carefully targeted training to keep his body ahead of the rest, whether you measure success by achieving the perfect physique or by building a business behind It diego sechii now stands out as one of the world's.


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